Crawl Space Repair

Crawl space Repair in Athens, Ga
Crawl Space Vapor Barrier

Repairing Crawl spaces

Repairing crawl spaces is no easy task. We have been providing these repair services for over 10 years around Athens. We are not your typical company that only offers a few services like vapor barrier installation and mold treatment. We can also do things like installation of dehumidifiers and insulation along with mold cleaning. Here are some of the crawl space repair services we offer.

  • Floor Joist Replacement
  • Floor Leveling
  • Foundation Drainage
  • Floor Rot repairs
  • Water Damage Restoration

Our Approach

Restore Pros will perform a thorough inspection of the crawlspace inspecting for rot, mold, efflorescence, sagging insulation, drainage issues, and more. Next we’ll go over our findings with you. Afterwards, we’ll show you multiple ways to correct crawl space issues. so we want to understand your intent for the home. If you’re selling your home you’ll probably prefer to make minimal repairs in order to pass a home inspection.

We only do things the way we want our house done or better. And above all, our company prides itself by not coming back, unless you’re inviting us to come eat dinner.

We take great pride in doing things right and we understand home owners need crawlspace repairs, and affordability. Restore Pros offers our clients a good solid solution to their crawl space problems, that wont break the bank. Every crawl space is different and we tailor our recommendations based on that fact. Not a one size fits all approach that consist of encapsulation and dehumidification. We give our customers a solution that will last a long time and doesn’t require regular maintenance. 

If you want your crawl space repaired correctly with the ability to upgrade, Restore Pros has the perfect solution for you.

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