Crawl Space Dehumidifier installation in Athens Ga


Controlling humidity in the crawlspace will help to prevent mold and rot from attacking your floor joists and sub-floor.

As temperatures rise, the right dehumidifier could be the perfect solution to keep humid, summer air out of your crawlspace. Additionally, many units are fairly quiet, and most require little, if any, maintenance for years.


Besides humidity control, other common features available in most dehumidifiers today include:


  • Energy efficiency
  • Automatic shutoff
  • WiFi capabilities



What's the best dehumidifier for a crawlspace with high humidity?

If a vapor barrier alone did not stop the high level of humidity under a house, then choosing a dehumidifier with an air filtration feature would be the next best option.  Air filtration will remove excess moisture in the air of your crawlspace. This will significantly remove the risk of microbial growth on floor joist and other surfaces and help to save the home from structural damage.

The Restore Pros team has extensive knowledge on what makes crawlspaces work better, including the right equipment, too!

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