Athens Crawlspace Solutions vapor barrier

Vapor Barriers

One of your best lines of defense against crawlspace moisture is a vapor barrier.

A properly installed vapor barrier will keep your crawlspace dry and functioning properly.

What makes a good vapor barrier?

Many people try to cut costs by installing a vapor barrier themselves, but not knowing what to do will cost you more money.
Restore Pros knows how to properly install the barrier the first time to ensure long-lasting results. Here's how we do it:

First, we use high-quality polyethylene vapor barriers and offer several options for homeowners who want more protection. And when we install a vapor barrier, we cover the entire crawlspace gaps or splits! All of our barrier installs also turn up the foundation walls above grade to prevent ground water from entering your crawlspace.

Restore Pros knows added protection is sometimes needed for a dependable solution. That's why we use special adhesives and anchors to secure the barrier to your foundation.

Interested in replacing your old vapor barrier?

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